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Where does the leadership journey begins.

 Kick off my Friday with a leadership workshop with our Award leaders The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Australia – Victoria #Dukesleader
I ran the first session of the personal development workshop today with a cosy group of 15 participants. I took them through their journey of leadership because I believe that you need to be able to lead yourself before you can lead others.
Last year I spent a day in the company of experts in various fields, ranging from governance, compliance to mental health at the work place and leadership, and everything in between, at the NFP symposium brilliantly put. I met, chatted, listened and learned from many in one day and it got me thinking about my favourite subject, leadership, and question my own inner journey of self-leadership. Here is sharing a piece of my thought with you that I share in this morning as well:

The journey of leadership starts with self-discovery, self awareness & self mastery. Before you lead others, you have to be able lead yourself.

The following 4 questions will help you to assess your self-leadership:

– Are you taking the actions that you know you need to?

– Are doing them in a timely manner?

– Can you just get them done whether or not you feel like it? 

– And still achieve the expected outcome?

People know effective leadership when they see it and it does not always come with a title, however it begins with self-leadership.

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